Sea Tours

There is nothing more magical than heading to the islands in a boat. Surrounded by sparkling waters and a cloudless sky, you will be mesmerised by the colour and clarity of our unspoiled waters.

Harbour Cruise
Our harbour cruise takes you up close to both volcanoes - Vulcan and Tavurvur. You cruise into Simpson's Harbour which is one of the deepest ports in the world. Passing by the 'Blue Lagoon" you will circle the "Beehives" (two remarkable rocks in the middle of the harbour) and cruise around to Matupit Island which bore the brunt of the last eruption. From here you continue to the base of Mt Tavurvur to see the men of Matupit 'mine' for the Megapod bird eggs. It is an experience to see these men dig for these eggs through metres of ash. From here to you head to Pidgeon Island which is a nature reserve and hosts some spectacular marine life. The snorkelling here is world class and you will enjoy having the island to yourself.


Duke of York Islands
The Duke of York Islands is a group of islands to the east of the Bay, some of which are inhabited. We offer two tours to these island being a Day Tour and a Village Stay. The waters surrounding the Duke of York islands are the deepest aqua blue, crowned with white sandy beaches and no amount of words can prepare you for its beauty. On our day trip you get to see some historical sites, visit some villages and snorkel and swim in the tranquil waters.
On our Village Stay you are transported by boat to the island of Mioko where you sleep in a village house, participate in village activities and enjoy some village cooking. The facilities are rustic so be prepared to 'rough' it. Around the Duke of York Islands you will see pods of wild dolphins which are the most friendly and majestic creatures.


Papua New Guinea is world renowned for its fishing and diving adventures, and Kokopo provides the perfect place to experience this. Fishing the waters off East New Britain offers novice and experienced anglers a challenge they will always remember.
Our fishing is primarily for bluewater species, including famous predators such as Mackeral, Tuna (Dog Tooth and Yellow Fin), GTs, Sailfish, and of course the Blue Marlin. The Coral Sea off East New Britain is sprawling with an abundance of marine life and you can get a great catch on one of our boats.

Diving and Snorkelling
PNG is world renowned for its untouched reefs and marine life, and East New Britain offers an abundance of diving and snorkelling opportunities. Simpson Harbour boasts World War II boat and plane wrecks, good walls, and the Beehives (a small group of craggy islands) to explore.
At Submarine Base, WWII Japanese subs parked right up to the edge of the reef, and there is a magnificent snorkelling spot on the flat coral beds and along the edge of the 75m drop-off, (also great for diving). Pidgeon Island and Mioko (Duke of York) Island are a short boat trip from Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort and have spectacular marine life and reefs.